Plus will be free during beta. At some point we may roll out subscription-based pricing, but you will have plenty of notice and a grace period to transition.
There is a maximum of 30 Snapshots per user. Read more here.
There are no limits on the number of Pages you can create, the number of times you can embed your Snapshots in other tools, or the number of teammates you can invite.
Contact us and let us know how you're using Plus.
Plus automates the process of visiting a website or app and taking a screenshot. Think of it as opening a new browser tab and taking a screenshot of the same area over and over again.
When you take a Snapshot, the Plus extension saves information about the state of your browser, like your cookies, local storage, session storage, the dimensions of your browser, and the bounding box of your Snapshot. With that information, we can automatically revisit that site or app as you and replicate the Snapshot you took.
Snapshot capture does not work perfectly on all sites. Here are our known Snapshot issues. If you run into others, please contact us.
Since Plus essentially replicates the process where you open a browser tab and take a screenshot, we run into the same issues that you do.
We never store your username or password, so if your session expires on a website, we need you to log back in for Plus and refresh your session. Learn more about how to log back in.
Yes, please! Anyone can sign up, so feel free to tell others about Plus.
You can also invite team members who work with you to your organization to have shared access to Snapshots and Pages in a team space. Let us know if it would be helpful to set up a personalized onboarding for them.
To update the Plus extension, follow the steps in this support article.
Contact us! We'd love to hear from you.
We want to make it safe for you to use Plus across all your systems, and security is a priority for us. Today, we encrypt all sensitive data on your computer before it is sent to our servers, your data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Our employees do not have access to the private key to decrypt sensitive data.
Plus has attained SOC2 Type I compliance. You can request a copy of our report on our security page.
Learn more about security at Plus or contact us.
Yes, send us an email, and we can permanently delete all of your data.
Check our status page for information about service health and interruptions.