Known Google Slides issues

This is a list of known issues with the Google Slides add-on. If you have any questions about why something is not working or have feedback to help us prioritize, let us know.

Multiple Google accounts

The Plus for Google Slides add-on does not support multiple Google accounts, so you should make sure you are only logged into the one you'd like to use with Plus. If you need, you can set up Chrome profiles to manage multiple Google accounts more easily.

Editing the Snapshot on a slide

When you add a Snapshot to a Google Slide, it mostly behaves like an image. You can use the editing and styling tools in Google Slides on your Snapshots, but there are a few limitations.

✅ Editing tools that work with refresh:

  • Resizing (without changing aspect ratio)
  • Move, rotate, copy and paste
  • Changing the order
  • Border styles (color, weight, dash), image effects (e.g., drop shadows)
  • Hyperlinks
  • Comments

❌ Editing tools that do not work when you refresh:

  • Crop - When you refresh the Snapshot, the image will revert back to the entire Snapshot.
  • Changing the aspect ratio - When you refresh the Snapshot, the image will revert back.
  • Grouping - If you add a Snapshot to a group, you will not be able to refresh it.

Future enhancements

Let us know what else is important to you, to help us prioritize future updates.
Examples of functionality we are thinking about:
  • Adding a specific version of a Snapshot to a slide (instead of the latest).
  • Adding an entire Page to a slide
  • Adding metadata, like "Last refreshed on," to a slide, similar to Snapshot overlays.