Multiple Orgs

When should I create a new org?

We recommend setting up only one organization per company. If you have multiple teams or functions and would like to set up separate Team spaces for each within a single organization, let us know.
If you accidentally created a new organization when signing up, but your company already one, you'll be able to join the new org and switch between the two. If this happens to you, let us know.

Switching between multiple orgs

If you happen to belong to multiple organizations, you can switch between them in the web app and the extension.
When you take a Snapshot, make sure that your extension is set to the correct Organization. You cannot move Snapshots between Organizations, so you will need to retake it if your extension is in the wrong organization.

Logging in

Even if you belong to multiple Organizations, you only have a single account and password. You cannot log into and out of each organization separately.