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Getting started with Live Snapshots

Get started with Plus Snapshots

Snapshots are the easiest way to automate reporting across your presentations and docs.

Got 2 minutes? Watch a video overview.

What is a Snapshot?

A "Snapshot" is a screenshot that Plus can automatically take for you, over and over, on a schedule or on demand.

Need some ideas?

Build a personal dashboard with the apps you look at every day, like your local weather and calendar.

Check out the most popular use cases on our website.

Embed Plus in other apps

Get up-to-date data in Notion, Coda, Canva, and more.

Ways to share

Invite your team, share your data in other tools.

Subscriptions in Slack

Automate recurring updates for your most important metrics.

Google Workspace

Use Plus Snapshots in Google Slides and Docs.

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