How to write a good prompt

Structuring your prompt

Here are some quick tips. You can read more on our blog.

  • Include context about the type of presentation and audience.

  • In addition to the overall topic, you can also ask for specific content to be included.

Remember you can always use text to presentation and slide-by-slide mode if you need more control than a short prompt.

Do's and Don'ts

Here are some types of instructions that don't work well with Plus AI and suggestions for what to do instead.

  • ❌ Don’t put specific design instructions in the prompt. Plus AI will ignore your instructions about colors and fonts. ✅ Do: Create a custom theme to use when generating presentations.

  • ❌ Don’t add instructions about the number of slides in your prompt. ✅ Do: Use the dropdown in the add-on to select the exact number of slides you want. (If these instructions conflict, Plus AI tends to get quite confused 🥴)

  • ❌ Don’t ask Plus AI to create a presentation on current events. Plus AI doesn’t know about them. ✅ Do: Use text to presentation mode to paste in a news article or other document and transform it into a presentation.

  • ❌ Don't add URLs in the prompt for Plus AI. It will not be able to navigate to them to read or digest your website or document. ✅ Do: Use text to presentation mode to paste in the content that you want Plus to summarize.

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