Drafts and Team spaces


By default, Snapshots are saved to your Drafts, which are only visible to you.

Snapshots and Pages in your Drafts are only visible to you, unless you explicitly share them via a public link or embed them in another tool, like Slack or Google slides.

Team space

The Team space is shared across and visible to everyone in your Organization. You can move Snapshots and Pages from your Drafts into the Team space. You can also create Pages directly in the Team space.

You can use the Team space to do things like create a shared folder of metrics you review weekly as a team, give visibility to your coworker who doesn't have access to the same tools you do, and allow an executive to quickly access important data from their phone.

Moving content

You can move Snapshots and Pages between Drafts and your Team space by dragging and dropping from the grid or using the Move to action. You can also select multiple Snapshots to move them all at once.

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