Embed Plus in other apps

You can embed Plus Snapshots and Pages in your existing document editors and other productivity tools, so you can replace static screenshots in your weekly meeting docs with Snapshots that automatically update.

Use a different productivity tool that's not listed here? Let us know.

How embeds work

Embedded Snapshots and Pages stay up-to-date. Viewers can navigate to other versions of the Snapshot and open the Snapshot in Plus. Logged in viewers with access to the Snapshot can also refresh it or go to the source link.

Share permissions will apply to embedded content as well, so make sure the Snapshot or Page is in the Team space (only your teammates who are logged into Plus will be able to see it) or set it to "Anyone with the link can see this."

To embed a specific version of a Snapshot, use the link for a specific version. If you embed a specific version, it will not automatically update as the Snapshot refreshes, but you'll still be able to open the original Snapshot.

Document editors


Add Plus to Notion here.

Copy the URL you want to embed. Paste it directly into Notion. If you haven't already connected Plus, follow the instructions to do so.

Select Paste as Preview.

Learn more about connecting Plus to Notion.


Embed in your content

Copy and paste the URL you want to embed. On paste, select the "Embed" option. As a shortcut, you can use the /embed command.

Embed as a page

Either select “New embed” from the “New page” dropdown below your list of pages in the left sidebar, or click the 3 dot menu on an existing page in the sidebar and select “Add embed.” As a shortcut, you can use the /page embed command.

Alternatively, add the Plus Coda Pack to your doc.

Use the Plus formula =Snapshot('URL') and =Page('URL') to embed your Snapshot or Page. Make sure you include the URL in quotes.

Learn more about embedding apps like Plus into Coda.


Copy and paste the URL you want to embed. It will automatically unfurl.


Paste a Plus URL into your document. Click on the link badge and select "Embed" from the menu.


Use an iframe to embed Plus Snapshots and Pages in Obsidian.

Presentations and canvases

Google Slides

Click ⋯ More from the editor side panel and select Embeds. Paste in the Plus URL you want to embed.

Plus actions (go to source, share, refresh) are only available in presentation mode.

Read more: https://www.canva.com/help/embed-media/


Embed Plus in Gamma presentations. Use /embed and select Webpage or app. Paste in the URL of the Plus Snapshot you want to embed. Then open the dropdown and select Inline instead of Preview.


You can embed Plus Snapshots in Tome. See an example here.

Click the + sign and then URL to add a new tile. Paste in a Plus URL you want to embed.


Embed Plus Snapshots in Fermat blocks. Type /embed to create an embed block. Paste in the Plus URL you want to embed.

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