Snapshot settings

Snapshot settings

You can show and hide the Snapshot settings panel from the top toolbar.

Refreshing a Snapshot

You can set a schedule on which a Snapshot will automatically update, or leave it on "manual." Either way, you can refresh a Snapshot manually whenever you'd like, by clicking Refresh Snapshot.

You can also refresh Snapshots directly from Google Slides, Slack, and embeds in other apps like Notion or Coda.

Repair Snapshot

Occasionally, your Snapshots will need manual intervention to continue refreshing properly. For example, most apps will prompt you to log back in every couple of weeks, so your Snapshots also need to be logged back in on the same schedule. Other times, if the underlying app changes, you may need to recapture the Snapshot because the chart has moved.

Plus will attempt to detect these issues when they happen and notify you to repair your Snapshots.

pageSnapshot repair


The source link is the URL where the Snapshot was taken. This is a great way to quickly jump to the underlying data if you have additional questions or want to do more exploration.

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