What are templates?

Templates are existing presentation designs that Plus AI has been trained on. You can use templates when generating a presentation, inserting a single slide, and remixing slides.

Using a template is the easiest way to create a more visually distinct presentation than the default Plus AI designs, which are meant to be simple and minimal.

Using templates

You can use templates when creating a new presentation and editing (insert and remix).

New presentation

Open the Plus add-on in Google Slides (Extensions > Plus AI for Google Slides > New Presentation).

Select Use a template mode. Choose your template. You can click on the thumbnail to see a preview of all the slide designs. Click Use template when you're ready to start.

Once you've selected a template, you can still toggle between Start from scratch, Text to presentation, and Slide by slide modes. Templates will work with all three.

Enter your prompt, paste your text, or upload your files as you would normally do. Learn more about generating a presentation.

Editing an existing presentation with templates

Templates also work with Insert and Remix. Select the template you want to use and you can see previews of each slide design available.

⚠ī¸ Templates are not compatible with custom themes. If we detect that your presentation was generated using a template, the "Design" tab will not be available in the Edit sidebar.


How are templates different than custom themes?

Templates are NOT compatible with custom themes. Custom themes allow you to recolor default Plus AI designs, but our templates include a lot of graphic elements that cannot be easily recolored in Google Slides.

If you use a template, you cannot apply a custom theme.

How do I create a custom template with my own branding?

It's not currently possible for you to convert an existing presentation into a template, because slides must be transformed and expanded before the Plus AI model can learn to use it.

However, we DO create custom templates for our Enterprise customers. We can convert your existing corporate template or create one based on your branding guidelines.

👉 If you're interested in seeing an Enterprise demo, get in touch with us.

Can you add a new template for ____ ?

Yes, we'll be adding more templates over time and are taking requests. Contact us if you have specific suggestions.

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