Plus AI for teams

Invite and manage members of your team in Plus AI to share themes and custom instructions.

What are teams in Plus AI

Plus AI paid features are shared across teams. If you have a Slides or Pro plan, all members of your team will have access to those benefits, like unlimited presentations, advanced layouts, longer prompts, and custom themes.

In addition, your custom themes and custom instructions are shared across your team, to help you maintain consistency across your slides and presentations.

Invite and manage your team

To invite your team, launch the Plus AI add-on in Google Slides. (Extensions > Plus AI for Google Slides > New Presentation).

Then click on "Manage your team" to add or remove teammates. When you invite a teammate, they will receive an email with a link to join the team.

You can also rename your organization and upload a logo.

If you're on a paid plan, you will automatically be billed for adding additional team members. Learn more about plans and billing.

What if I'm a part of multiple teams?

If you're a member of multiple teams, you can switch between them in the Plus AI extension. Click on the square button next to the Plus logo. Then select the organization you want to use.

This can be useful if you (or your teammate) signed up for Plus as an individual before being invited to your team.

Organization owners

The user who created the organization is the organization owner. Only the org owner can upgrade to a paid plan, change plans, cancel an existing subscription.

👉 If you need to change the owner of your team, contact us directly.

Team permission details

Plan and billing

  • Only the organization owner can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel the team's paid plan (subscription). The organization owner is also the billing admin and receives subscription invoices.

  • If you need to change the owner of your team, contact us.

  • Any team member can invite new team members.

Custom themes

Custom themes are shared across your team. Learn more about custom themes.

  • Every team member can create new custom themes.

  • Only user who created the custom theme can delete it.

  • All custom themes are shared across the team and can be used by any team member.

Custom instructions

Custom instructions are shared across your team. Learn more about custom instructions.

  • There is a single set of custom instructions that are shared across your team.

  • Any team member can edit it.

  • All team members can choose whether to use your custom instructions when generating new presentations and slides.

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