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What is the Google Workspace add-on?

The Plus add-on allows you and your team to use your Snapshots in Google Slides and Google Docs. You can add Snapshots to your presentations and documents and refresh them in one click.

Set up

Follow the link from the integrations menu in the app or go to the Plus add-on in the Google Workspace Marketplace to install it.

The add-on does not support multiple Google accounts, so you should make sure you are only logged into the one you'd like to use with Plus. If you need, you can set up Chrome profiles to manage multiple Google accounts more easily.

Open Plus from the Extensions menu in Google Slides or Google Docs. Sign in with your Plus account.

Adding Snapshots

Click on a Snapshot in the sidebar to add it to the current slide or position in your document. You can add any Snapshot that you have access to across both your Personal and Team spaces. You can also search and filter to more easily find the Snapshot you need.

Snapshots on slides and in docs

By default, Snapshots added to Google Slides (and Docs) have a link to the Snapshot in Plus. Open the Snapshot in the Plus app to access the source link, view more versions of the Snapshot, or repair the Snapshot.

This link is also a useful way to distinguish Snapshots from other images on your slides (and in your documents).

If needed, you can remove the link, just like editing any other image.

Refreshing Snapshots

Once a Snapshot is added to a presentation (or document), it will not automatically update until you manually refresh it. So you will never be surprised by the contents of a presentation (or document).

When needed, you can refresh all the Snapshots in the presentation (or document) at once or refresh them individually from the sidebar.

When you click Refresh Snapshots:

  • ✅ Snapshots from your Personal space that you placed on the slide are refreshed

  • ✅ Snapshots from the Team space that anyone placed on the slide are refreshed

  • ❌ Snapshots that you do not have access to, like Snapshots in another person's Drafts, will not be refreshed.

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