Rewrite slides

Use Rewrite to improve phrasing, change your tone, lengthen or shorten something, and translate your presentation.

If you want to change the layout or design of your slide, use Remix instead.

Launch Edit with Plus AI

Google Slides

Launch Google Slides (Here is a shortcut:

In Google Slides, go to Extensions > Plus AI for Google Slides > Edit with Plus AI.


  • If you don't see Plus AI in the Extensions menu, make sure you have it installed.

  • If you don't see any options under Plus AI (except "Help"), reload the page in your browser and give it a minute to load.

  • Check out our troubleshooting guide.


In PowerPoint, go to the Home tab of the menu > Add-ins > Plus AI. (Search for Plus AI if it does not appear)

In the Plus AI sidebar, click on Edit with AI and select Rewrite.

Rewrite a slide

Select the Rewrite tab, add a prompt or select a (customizable) preset.

You can rewrite a specific text element, a single slide, or your entire presentation.

Pro-tip: You can undo + redo these changes in Google Slides. Duplicate your slide before using Rewrite if you want to produce multiple options that you can review.

You can rewrite your slide as many times as you want. Sometimes it's helpful to string together multiple rewrites, for example, embellishing some copy for a product page, then asking Plus AI to help you make it more succinct.

Translate slides

You can also use rewrite to translate your presentation.

Select the Language you want to translate to. (For example, if your slide is in English and you want to translate it into Spanish, select Español in the dropdown.)

Click on the Translate preset, which will populate the rewrite instructions.

You can rewrite a single slide or your entire presentation (this can take a few minutes.)

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