Edit documents

Plus AI can help you revise, rewrite, or even translate existing text in your Google Docs.

Launch Edit with Plus AI

Create a new Google Doc or open an existing one, then launch the Plus add-on from the Extensions menu: Extensions > Plus AI > Edit with Plus AI.

Navigate to the Edit tab.

Select the text you want to rewrite

Enter a prompt or use one of our presets.

Then click Generate. This usually takes a few seconds, but can take up to a minute or so for more complex content.

Undo and redo

You can use the native undo and redo actions in Google Docs on any Plus AI insertions or edits.

To undo, click the button in the Google Docs toolbar or press ⌘Z (or Ctrl + Z) on your keyboard.

Text formatting

While Plus AI can do basic formatting (paragraph breaks, headers, bullets and lists), it cannot do more advanced formatting, like changing colors or fonts, or add media like images or videos.

Translating text

Select the section you want to translate (you can select the entire document if you want), and use the Translate preset prompt.

Use the language dropdown to select the language you want to translate to (Plus AI will automatically detect the language you're translating from). Make sure you select the language instead of putting it in the prompt.

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