Updating the extension

How Plus stays up-to-date, and how to manually update the extension

We regularly make updates to Plus to introduce new features and improve reliability, to ensure that you have a smooth Snapshot-taking experience. Your browser will keep your Plus extension up-to-date automatically.

Checking which version of Plus you have installed

By default, your browser will keep the Plus extension up to date automatically. You generally do not need to manually update the extension. However, there are occasionally times where it may be helpful to our support team to determine which version of the extension you have installed, in case you are running into an issue while trying to capture a Snapshot.

To access your browser extension settings in Google Chrome, follow these steps:

Click on the three dot menu in the top right of your browser, then navigate down to "More tools", followed by clicking on "Extensions".

On the extensions page, click on the "Details" button on the Plus extension.

On this screen, you will see what version of the extension you have installed. Let our support team know this version number, and they can help you determine if you have the latest version installed.

Manually updating your extension

Your browser should keep Plus up-to-date automatically. However, there are occasions where a browser may not have automatically updated our extension. This can be due to a variety of factors, that are outside of Plus' control. The most common reason is that an update is still in progress of being rolled out to all users by Google. In general, we aim to keep our systems compatible with old versions of the extension.

If you would like to manually check for updates, or our support team has asked you to do so, here's how you can easily check for updates on your extensions:

Click on the three dot menu in the top right of your browser, then navigate down to "More tools", followed by clicking on "Extensions".

At the top right of the page, enable the toggle for "Developer mode". We'll only need to turn this on temporarily, and it will not affect any of your other extensions or web pages.

A new set of buttons should have appeared at the left of your screen. Click the button that says "Update", underneath the "Extensions" header at the top left.

After you click on this button, wait about 30 seconds. You may see the version number of the Plus extension increase, if there was an update. Once updates have completed, finish the process by turning off "Developer mode" at the top right of the page.

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