Insert a single slide

You can use Plus to generate a single slide in a specific format. This gives you a lot more control over the layout of the individual slide, vs letting AI pick for you when generating an entire presentation.

Launch Edit with Plus AI

Google Slides

Launch Google Slides (Here is a shortcut:

In Google Slides, go to Extensions > Plus AI for Google Slides > Edit with Plus AI.


  • If you don't see Plus AI in the Extensions menu, make sure you have it installed.

  • If you don't see any options under Plus AI (except "Help"), reload the page in your browser and give it a minute to load.

  • Check out our troubleshooting guide.


In PowerPoint, go to the Home tab of the menu > Add-ins > Plus AI. (Search for Plus AI if it does not appear)

In the Plus AI sidebar, click on Edit with AI and select Insert a Slide.

Add a single slide

Make sure you're on the Insert tab of the Edit with Plus AI menu.

Enter a slide title, description, and select the slide layout you want. Click Generate slide.

The new slide will be inserted into your presentation, which you can edit freely, just like any other Google Slide or PowerPoint slide.

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