Custom instructions

Use custom instructions to save important context about you or your team that Plus AI should remember every time it generates a presentation. Custom instructions saves time because you don't have to provide the same prompts over and over to Plus AI.

Custom instructions are shared across your team.

Custom instructions requires a paid Pro plan. Learn more about our plans.

Set custom instructions

Launch Plus AI in Google Slides. (Extensions > Plus AI for Google Slides > New Presentation.)

Click on Team Library in the menu, then Custom instructions (this is the default)

Enter your custom instructions, then click Save. You can come back to this page to edit your custom instructions at any time.

Custom instructions are shared with your team

Keep this in mind when you write custom instructions if you're on a team using Plus.

Using custom instructions can help your team get consistent outputs from Plus AI. For example, you can maintain one set of prompts that describes your company.

Using custom instructions

By default, custom instructions are included every time you generate a new presentation.

You can also choose to turn off custom instructions when generating a presentation. This can be useful if, for example, your custom instructions are related to your work, but you want to generate a fun presentation for personal use.

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