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Ways to share content

You can share your Snapshots and Pages with someone else in multiple ways:

  1. Invite them to your Team

  2. Share a view-only link to a specific piece of content

  3. Use an integration to share Plus content using other collaboration tools

Inviting someone to your Organization

This is the best way to share content with your immediate team, coworkers, and other internal stakeholders. Organization members have shared access to Snapshots and Pages in a Team space.

You can use the Team space to do things like create a shared folder of metrics you review weekly as a team, give visibility to your coworker who doesn't have access to the same tools you do, and allow an executive to quickly access important data from their phone.

Learn more: Organizations

If you only want to to share a specific piece of content with someone without allowing them to edit or refresh that Snapshot or Page, use the share link. This is a great way to share a specific set of information with a third party who shouldn't have access to the underlying app.

Share links can be private, public, or passcode protected. You can always update this setting later if you want to revoke access, for example.

Learn more: Share links

Use Plus content in other collaboration tools

When you share Plus content using other tools, you can take advantage of the collaboration features and permissions/controls those other tools provide. For example, you can collaborate on a Google slides presentation or Notion document together with other teammates.

Learn more about the Plus add-on for Google Slides and Docs, embedding Plus in other apps, and sharing Plus content in Slack.

We're working on other integrations with communication and collaboration tools. If there is a specific one that is top-of-mind for you, let us know.

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