Share links

A share link is a great way to to quickly send a Snapshot or Page to someone, without giving them access to the underlying data or the whole library of content shared in the Team space. For example, you can send a marketing consultant a specific view of web traffic, without inviting them to your Team or giving them access to your analytics platform.

When collaborating with colleagues who should have access to a lot of the same content, we recommend inviting them to your Organization instead.

You can share a link to a Snapshot, a Page, or a specific Snapshot version from the share menu in the web app.


By default, Snapshots and Pages are set to "Anyone with the link can see this." This allows you to easily and conveniently share your content or embed it in other tools.

Your content will only be visible if you've explicitly decided to share it. It is nearly impossible to guess the URLs of your Snapshots and Pages, and your content is not accessible via search engines.

Sharing a specific Snapshot version

You can share a specific version of a Snapshot by selecting in the Snapshot viewer, clicking share, and then checking the option to "Share only this version." This can be useful for pointing the viewer to a specific point-in-time, like highlighting something that happened last week.

What does the viewer see?

Anyone not logged into a Plus account will only see the Snapshot or Page you shared. They will not be able to view or update settings, refresh Snapshots, see the refresh schedule or the URL of the datasource, or access any of your other Snapshots or Pages.

This also applies to content you've embedded in other apps.

Pro-tip: You can use Snapshot overlays to add metadata and context when sharing via link. Learn more: Snapshot settings.

Revoking access

If you share a link with someone then change the setting back to "Only I can see this," public access will be revoked via both the share URL and embeds in other tools.

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