Page settings

Page settings

You can add a Title and Description to the Page to help you organize and search for content.

You can control Snapshot Overlays for all the Snapshots on a Page at once. To set Snapshot Overlays for a specific Snapshot, just select one on the Page.

You can also manually Refresh all Snapshots on the Page at once.

Snapshot-specific settings on a Page

To edit a specific Snapshot, select it on the Page. You will see additional options appear in the settings panel. You can control Snapshot Overlays, refresh the Snapshot, and edit Snapshot properties like the title and refresh rate. You can also initiate log back in for each Snapshot from here. Learn more about Snapshot settings.

Snapshot Overlay settings are specific to each Page, whereas Snapshot properties like title, description, and refresh rate will be reflected everywhere.

Snapshot versions

You can control whether a Page should automatically update a Snapshot as it refreshes ("most recent") or if you'd like to manually control which version is shown on the Page.

Manually controlling versions can be a good way to ensure you aren't surprised by what the viewers of the Page can see while still using Plus to automate pulling in new data when needed. You can also compare how data has changed over time by putting two different Snapshot versions side-by-side.

To set a Snapshot to automatically update as it refreshes, select the Snapshot on the Page. Then, click the "Most Recent" option on the version toolbar at the bottom of the Page.

To set a Snapshot to a specific version, select the Snapshot on the Page. Then, click the date and time option for the version you want in the version toolbar at the bottom of the Page.

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