Prompt errors

There are certain types of content that will not work with Plus AI. If you use these in your prompts, you'll get an error when trying to generate presentations and slides.

If you're getting an error related to a prompt, but it seems like we're getting it wrong, let us know.

Content moderation

Certain types of content are not allowed with Plus AI, including:

  • Hate speech

  • Harassment

  • Self-harm

  • Sexual content

  • Violence


You cannot include code snippets in Plus AI prompts. If you need to include code in your presentation, use a prompt in plain English (or other languages) and then add your code snippets after the presentation has been generated.

Other errors

The most common error when generating presentations and slides is that Plus AI takes too long to respnd (or runs into some other kind of error). Most of the time, retrying the request will work.

If you continuously run into errors when generating presentations, let us know.

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