Frequently asked support questions for Plus AI

General issues

Plus AI isn't loading in Google Slides

"I've installed the Plus AI add-on, but the only option I see in the Extensions menu under Plus AI is Help."

Sometimes the extension can take a second or two to load properly, especially if you're on a slower connection. During this time, the only option in the extensions menu is "Help."

Try reloading the page and relaunching the extensions menu. Give it a minute to fully load.

I upgraded but I'm still seeing limits in Plus AI
  1. Reload the Google Slides page (hitting refresh in your browser) and relaunching the Plus AI add-on. (Extensions > Plus AI > New Presentation).

  2. If you're on the Basic plan, note that some of our paid features are limited to the higher Pro tier. Check our pricing page to make sure you are on the correct plan.

  3. Make sure you are signed into the correct account. If you have multiple Google email addresses, make sure you signed into Plus with the correct one (the one with the upgraded plan.) Open the add-on in Google Slides, click the button next to the Plus logo to check which email you are using and/or to log out.

I'm signed into the wrong account

Many of you might have multiple Google email addresses. When you sign in with Google in Plus, each email address is a distinct account.

To switch accounts, open the add-on in Google Slides, click the button next to the Plus logo and click log out. When you log back in, make sure you select the correct email address.

Plus AI is telling me I can't use multiple Google accounts

"When I launch the Plus AI extension, I see an error that I can't use multiple Google accounts."

You can use Plus AI with multiple Google accounts, you just can't be logged into both of them in the same browser.

The workaround is to set up multiple browser profiles:

  • Set up two (or more) Chrome profiles (or Safari Profiles), e.g., one for work and one for your personal email.

  • Log into the respective Google account on each profile. When you want to switch between them, use the profile switcher in your browser.

  • In Google Slides, confirm you're only logged into the one email you want to use with Plus.

Generating presentations

My prompts continuously fail when generating a presentation

"I always get an error, no matter what prompt I try."

  • Make sure you're only logged into one Google account in the browser you're using to launch Plus.

  • Launch the Plus AI extension (Google Slides > Extensions > Plus AI > New presentation) and click on the button next to the Plus logo to log out.

  • Reload the page.

  • Relaunch Plus AI and log into Plus.

If you perform these troubleshooting steps and you continue to get an error, contact us.

How do I generate more than 20 slides per presentation?

Plus AI has a limit of 20 slides per presentation generated.

To create a longer presentation, we recommend simply breaking up your prompt into multiple chapters and generating multiple presentations (each time you do it, the new slides just get added to the presentation you have open.) You'll then need to do a little bit of work to delete the extra title and agenda slides.

I can't find a presentation I generated previously.

"I generated a presentation with Plus AI but seem to have lost it."

Go to the History view to find a list of your previously generated presentations. Click the open button to take you to the original Google Slides file.

Plus AI only works on Google Slides files that you have access to and can edit, so you can also find all of your generated slides in your Google Slides history:

⭐ Note that if you deleted slides (or the presentation) in Google Slides after generating them, we don't retain a copy of them.

Can I upload a custom font?

Unfortunately no. Because Plus AI works within Google Slides and Google Slides only supports Google Fonts, you cannot upload a custom font.

You can always use Plus AI in Google Slides to generate presentation content, download the presentation as a PowerPoint file and then change the font settings within PowerPoint.

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