3️⃣Create a Page

What is a Page

A Page is where you can arrange multiple Snapshots and add context in a single view. It's a bit like a single slide where you can add Snapshots and text. The most common way people use Pages is to build mini "dashboards" with multiple Snapshots.

You can also add Snapshots to Google slides and embed them in other apps, like Notion and Confluence.

Add Snapshots to a Page

Open the Snapshot picker from the top of the Pages toolbar. From there, search for the Snapshot you want to use and click it to place it on the Page.

Snapshots refresh automatically and on demand

Any Snapshots on a Page will update based on its "refresh rate" setting. Click on a Snapshot see its refresh setting or trigger a manual refresh.

You can also refresh all the Snapshots on a Page at once when no Snapshot is selected.

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