Use a prompt

Using a prompt is the easiest way to create a new presentation with Plus AI. In this mode, you enter in a short description, and Plus AI will create a content outline — which you can customize — followed by the entire presentation.

If you already know exactly what you want, try Upload a file or Slide by slide mode instead.

How to use a prompt

Launch the Plus add-on in Google Slides or PowerPoint.

Click on New presentation and then Use a prompt.

Alternatively, you can select a template and then select Use a prompt.

Write a prompt

Add a short description of the presentation you want to generate, or use or customize one of our presets.

Other options

  • Language: This is the output language that your presentation will be written in. (Your prompt can be in a different language.) Learn more about languages.

  • Number of slides: This is the length of the presentation. Our AI model can only handle about 20 slides right now. If you need a much longer presentation, we recommend generating one chapter at a time. Newly generated slides are appended to existing ones.

  • Include Plus tips: These are additional suggestions on generated slides. If you uncheck this box, we will not include them on your presentation.

  • Custom instructions: You can save context about you or your company instead of typing it every time. Learn more about custom instructions.

How to write a good prompt

Here are some quick tips. You can read more on our blog.

  • Include context about the type of presentation and audience.

  • In addition to the overall topic, you can also ask for specific content to be included.

Remember you can always use text to presentation and slide-by-slide mode if you need more control than a short prompt.

Customize the outline

Based on your prompt, Plus AI will generate an outline. You can customize the outline by editing the slide titles and deleting slides.

If you don't like the outline, you can also retry this step.

Generate slides

When you're happy with your outline, Plus AI will proceed by generating the slides in your presentation.

If you did not start from a template, you can choose a presentation theme. Themes allow you to choose the visual look and feel of your slides, including fonts and colors. Pro users can create and save custom themes.

Newly generated slides are added to the end of your presentation. If you didn't start with a blank file, scroll down to find your new slides.

Editing your presentation

After your presentation is created, the add-on will close automatically.

At this point, your slides work just like any other Google Slides (or PowerPoint slides). You can edit them directly, share them, or export them as a PDF or other file types.

The Edit with Plus AI sidebar will open automatically to help you continue to refine your deck.

Learn more about editing with Plus AI

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