Known Snapshot issues


Unsupported sites

Some apps and sites are not compatible with how Plus captures Snapshots. If you want more information or would like to Snapshot these sites, let us know.

List of unsupported sites
  • Patreon

  • Kickstarter

  • Zillow

  • Youtube Studio

Sites that sometimes cannot be Snapshotted (depending on your settings)

  • Meta / Facebook Business Suite


  • You cannot capture a Snapshot via a VPN connection.

Frequent logouts

  • Sometimes you will need to reconnect Plus to the sites where you've taken Snapshots, just like how you have to periodically log back into the websites you use regularly.

  • For that reason, Plus does not work well on sites that ask you log back in very frequently, like most banking apps.

Snapshot accuracy issues

Sometimes, Plus Snapshots don't turn out exactly like you expected. These are some of the primary reasons you may get an inaccurate Snapshot.

To help us improve Plus, please let us know when your Snapshot doesn't look right. You can contact us or report an issue directly from the app.


  • Your scroll position won't be recorded properly in a Snapshot if you click and drag on a scrollbar. You should use your mousewheel or trackpad to scroll instead when you want to capture a Snapshot.

Other interactions

  • If you have to add filters, select a specific tab, or click on an action like "run" or "generate chart" to get to a view you want, it may not Snapshot well.

  • If you can reload the page and get to the view you want, this means there is a unique URL that will Snapshot well. If you lose the settings you applied when you refresh the page, Plus will not be able to Snapshot what you need.

  • Examples of sites with this issue: Zendesk date filters, LinkedIn page analytics tabs.

🧪 Experimental feature: We are working on adding support for recording your actions, like clicking on a set of filters or a refresh button. Contact us to get early access.


  • Occasionally, content that is slow to load won't Snapshot well, because the Snapshot service isn't always smart enough to know how long to wait for the page to load before capturing the Snapshot.

  • Examples: BI dashboards with lots of reports that load slowly.

Ad blockers and other extensions

  • If you are using an ad blocker or are running another Chrome extension that changes the content on a site, Plus is not able to replicate those changes when taking a Snapshot, so you may notice that content is shifted in a Snapshot relative to what you see in your browser.

  • These problems can often be avoided by temporarily disabling your ad blocker (or other conflicting extensions), refreshing the page, and retaking the Snapshot.

Location, time

  • If a website uses your current timezone or location, it may look different in a Snapshot.

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