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Use the Plus app for Slack to share Plus content with your team.

You can share Snapshots with others in your Slack workspace, even if they're not logged into Plus (or your BI tool or CRM or other dashboards where the Snapshot was taken.)

You can also set up a recurring subscription in Slack to automatically send a Snapshot on a schedule you choose, like "Send this MRR metric to the #gtm channel every day at 9AM."

pageInstall the app for Slack

Sharing Plus content in Slack

When you send a Plus URL in a Slack message, the Plus app will unfurl a preview of that Snapshot or Page.

Note: This preview is a static image that does not automatically update.

In public channels, if you have access to the Snapshot, you can click on the More options button to open it in Plus, send the latest version to the channel, or set up a recurring subscription.

You have access to the Snapshot if you're the owner or the Snapshot is in your Team space AND you've linked your Plus account to Slack.

Set up a subscription

Subscriptions are only available for Snapshots in public channels currently. Let us know if you need subscriptions for Pages or private channels and DMs.

Subscriptions allow you specify a recurring schedule on which a Snapshot will be sent to a public channel automatically, like "Send this MRR Snapshot to #gtm-updates every Monday at 9AM."

Create a new subscription from the More options popup above or from Plus app home tab in Slack.

Specify a Plus URL (if you're starting from scratch), pick a destination channel, select which days you want the message to send, and specify a time.

You can also schedule a refresh 5 minutes before the subscription time, to ensure that the Snapshot will have the latest data when it sends.

Manage subscriptions

A list of your subscriptions can be found on the home tab of the Plus app in Slack. You can also delete subscriptions from here.

Only the creator of the subscription can delete it.

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