Snapshot versions

What are Snapshot versions

Every time Plus refreshes a Snapshot, a new version is created. You can see all the previous versions of a Snapshot in the timeline.

Sharing versions

You can share a specific version of a Snapshot by selecting in the Snapshot viewer, clicking share, and then checking the option to "Share only this version." This can be useful for pointing the viewer to a specific point-in-time, like highlighting something that happened last week.

Learn more: Share links

Using versions on Pages

When you place a Snapshot on a Page, by default, the Page will always show the latest version of a Snapshot. You can also choose to show a specific version of a Snapshot, which will not update automatically.

To select a specific version, select a Snapshot on a Page, then click on the version you want to display in the timeline.

You can use add two different versions of the same Snapshot to a Page in order to compare two different time frames.

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