1️⃣Set up Plus

Creating an account

Go to app.plusdocs.com/register to create an account.

After you sign up, you will be prompted to join an existing organization or to create a new one.

Logging into the web app

The web app is where you will find all the Snapshots you have taken. New Snapshots appear in Drafts by default. The Team space is content that is shared across your organization.

Access the web app at app.plusdocs.com from any web browser, including your mobile device.

Installing the chrome extension

You need the Chrome extension to take Snapshots. If you only plan to use Plus to view Snapshots other team members have taken, you do not need the extension.

Go to the Plus extension in the Chrome store. Click the Add to Chrome button to install the extension. Then log into your Plus account.

We recommend "pinning" the extension so it is accessible for taking new Snapshots.

Browser support for the extension

The extension is designed to be used with Google Chrome.

It will also work for other chromium-based browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Brave, and Arc.

The browser extension does not work on mobile devices, though you can view all the Snapshots you've captured on your phone in our web app.

Bookmark the web app

You can bookmark app.plusdocs.com for easy access.

You can also always navigate to the web app by clicking on the Plus logo in the extension.

Bookmark the web app on your mobile device

You can access all your content in the Plus web app from any mobile device. This is a great way to quickly review data on your phone without logging into any tools.

For quick access, we recommend bookmarking the Plus web app on your phone.

Go to app.plusdocs.com in Safari.

Tap the Share icon.

Choose "Add to Homescreen."

Set up Plus with your other tools

Plus is designed to work with your existing collaboration tools:

  • Install the Plus for Google Slides add-on to add Snapshots to your Google Slides presentations and easily refresh them as needed.

  • Install the Plus app for Slack to share Plus Snapshots and Pages more easily in your workspace.

  • Embed Plus content in other document editors and apps, like Notion and Confluence.

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