Upload a file

Use this mode if you want to transform existing content into a presentation. You can either upload a file or paste in plain text.

This mode is useful for creating presentations from proprietary information (e.g., a paper you've written) or current events — like other AI tools, Plus does not have knowledge of the latest news.

How to upload a file

Launch Plus AI in Google Slides or PowerPoint.

Click on New presentation and then Upload a file.

Alternatively, you can select a template and then select Upload a file.

Upload a file

Click choose file to select your file. You can upload a PDF, .docx (Word Document), .pptx (PowerPoint), or .txt (text file). If your file type isn't available, use Paste in text instead.

Currently, Plus AI cannot extract images, diagrams, or charts from your document.

Paste in content

In Upload a file mode, click on the Paste in text button.

Paste in an article, document, or other text. Adding images is not yet supported (remember, you can always add them directly to the slides later).

Enhance vs Preserve

Choose Enhance if you want Plus to rewrite your content to better fit the presentation format. For example, use this if you're uploading a meeting transcript that needs cleanup.

Choose Preserve if you want Plus to use as much verbatim text from your document as possible. Plus will try to quote directly from your document, but will avoid elaborating or summarizing.

Other settings

  • Language: This is the output language that your presentation will be written in. (Your prompt can be in a different language.) Learn more about languages.

  • Number of slides: This is the length of the presentation. Our AI model can only handle about 20 slides right now. If you need a much longer presentation, we recommend generating one chapter at a time. Newly generated slides are appended to existing ones.

  • Include Plus tips: These are additional suggestions on generated slides. If you uncheck this box, we will not include them on your presentation.

  • Custom instructions: You can save context about you or your company instead of typing it every time. Learn more about custom instructions.

Editing your presentation

After your presentation is created, the add-on will close automatically.

Newly generated slides are added to the end of your presentation. If you didn't start with a blank file, scroll down to find your new slides.

At this point, your slides work just like any other Google Slides (or PowerPoint slides). You can edit them directly, share them, or export them as a PDF or other file type.

The Edit with Plus AI sidebar will open automatically to help you continue to refine your deck.

Learn more about editing with Plus AI

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