Prompt presets

Presets require the Pro plan.

Presets allow you and your team to save frequently used prompts and settings to your team library, to save you time when generating new presentations.

Unlike custom instructions, which is a single set of instructions shared across presentations, you can save different presets for different types of documents, like one for a client proposal deck and another for a customer business review.

Presets are shared across your team.

Accessing your preset library

Launch Plus AI in Google Slides. (Extensions > Plus AI for Google Slides > New Presentation.)

Click on Team Library in the left-hand navigation panel. Then click on Presets.

Presets are shared across your team. Anyone can create, edit, and use them.

Creating a preset

You can create a preset directly from the preset library or from your History.

From your preset library, click Create new preset, select a mode, and then add your prompts, instructions, and settings. Give your preset a name and click save.

From your prompt history, click the Save button next to one of your previously generated presentations to create a preset. You can edit your prompts, instructions, and settings. Then give your preset a name and click save.

You can come back to the preset library to edit the preset at any time.

Using presets

To create a new presentation from a preset, Go to your Team Library > Presets and click Use in the Preset library or select a preset during the presentation process.

When you select a preset, your saved prompts, instructions, and settings will be applied. You can then make any tweaks or adjustments you'd like before proceeding with generating a presentation, just as you would if you were starting from scratch.

Edits you make after applying a preset will not automatically be saved to that preset. For example, you may want to use placeholders in your preset (e.g., "[client name here]") that you edit when generating the actual presentation.

Editing and deleting presets

Anyone on the team can update and delete presets from the preset library.

How do presets work with custom instructions?

Both presets and custom instructions allow you (and your team) to save content for reuse with Plus AI. There's no hard or fast rule for when to use each.

We recommend using custom instructions for context that Plus AI should always keep in mind, like information about your company or a preferred writing style. Every team has exactly one set of custom instructions.

We recommend using presets to save specific types of presentations that you make frequently, like one for a client proposal, another for a business review. You can create as many presets as you would like.

You do not need to repeat the information saved in your custom instructions in your presets. When you configure a preset, you can specify whether your custom instructions should be included or not.

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