PowerPoint desktop app recommended

We strongly encourage that you use Plus AI in the PowerPoint desktop app and not in your browser (Microsoft 365).

Some limitations of PowerPoint in your browser can cause major formatting issues, which also affect Plus AI-generated content.

How to switch to the desktop app

In PowerPoint in your browser, click on the Editing dropdown (top right of your screen) and click Open in Desktop App.

How to install the PowerPoint desktop app

Refer to the installation instructions from Microsoft:


These are some examples of problems that only affect the browser version of PowerPoint. Stick to the PowerPoint desktop app to avoid these!

  • Auto-resizing of text does not work for Plus AI generated slides, so you may have lots of overlapping text. You can edit the text box (e.g., add and delete a space at the end of each text block) to activate autoresizing.

  • Icon slides generated by Plus AI may not be formatted correctly.

  • Occasionally, AI generated images may be added to the wrong slide.

  • Occasionally, AI generated slides may only contain placeholder text.

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