Snapshot tips and tricks

What can I Snapshot?

You can Snapshot most websites and web apps from a computer browser.

You cannot Snapshot desktop apps or take Snapshots from your mobile device.

How can I tell if something will Snapshot well?

If there is a distinct URL that consistently goes to the exact view you are trying to Snapshot, it will work well. An easy way to know what the Snapshot will capture is to refresh the page before taking a Snapshot. This view is what will get captured by the Snapshot.

This is especially useful when you have to apply filters to or otherwise customize a chart. For example, if the refresh preserved the the filters you applied, the chart will Snapshot well. If not, the Snapshot will only be able to capture the default view.

🧪 Experimental feature: Replaying clicks and other actions

Sometimes the chart or view you want to capture can only be accessed after performing some actions (like clicking on a set of filters). In this case, ask us to enable "action recording," an experimental feature for you that will allow you to record these actions when taking a Snapshot.

Scrolling on a page

If you need to scroll down a page to capture something, Plus records your scroll position and replays it when refreshing the Snapshot. However, you must use your mousewheel or trackpad to scroll. Scrolling will not work if you are clicking and dragging a scrollbar.

Changing the aspect ratio or size of a Snapshot

Adjusting the dimensions of your browser can help you get Snapshots in the right aspect ratio. For example, you can shrink the width of your browser to make a very wide chart narrower.

Similarly, you can also use your browser zoom to try to get the Snapshot you want. For example, you can zoom out to capture a larger portion of the page.

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