Plus AI changelog

June 2024

Feature: Plus AI for PowerPoint

Plus AI for PowerPoint is finally here.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved and expanded template designs

  • Improved quality of AI generated content for certain types for slides

  • Fixed a bug where the number of slides setting wasn't working properly

May 2024

Enhancement: Auto presentation length

We added an "Auto" option when generating a presentation, so you can let the AI decide how long the presentation should be.

You can still specify the exact presentation length you want via settings when generating a presentation.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Plus AI add-on didn't load

  • Improved and expanded template designs

  • Improved quality of AI generated content for certain types for slides

April 2024

Feature: Design update

We revamped the design of the Plus AI for Google Slides add-on to make it easier to use and work better with our custom templates.

We also improved the discoverability and usability of different modes for generating presentations

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved error handling when slide generation fails during presentation generation

  • Changed the default setting for document to presentation to "preserve text."

  • Fixed presentation template issues and improved design.

March 2024

Feature: Start from a template

Start from a template to create a more visually distinct presentation. Our templates work with all Plus AI features. Learn more about templates.

Enhancement: Preserve text mode

Now you can choose whether you want the AI to preserve or enhance your source text when generation a presentation from a document (or pasting in text). Learn more.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved AI for icon selection and expanded icon set

  • Fixed a bug where accented and other special characters would sometimes not be encoded properly (looked like gibberish)

  • Improved speed and reliability of document to presentation mode

  • Fixed some bugs causing presentation generation to error out consistently

February 2024

New feature: Plus AI for Google Docs

You can now generate, rewrite, and translate text directly in Google Docs using the same Plus AI for Google Workspace add-on. Google Docs functionality is included in all Plus AI subscriptions. Learn more.

New feature: Document to presentation

Instead of copying and pasting, you can now upload a PDF or other text document directly to generate a presentation.

Enhancement: Rewrite all slides

We added a button so you can rewrite — and translate — all the slides in a presentation in one click.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved loading experience in Insert, Remix, and Rewrite, so you can see your progress and you're less likely to interrupt an existing request.

  • Improved interface when selecting a paid subscription.

  • Faster and more accurate icon selection when generating slides.

  • Fixed a bug where language settings weren't correctly applied in Slide by slide and Text to presentation modes.

  • Fixed a bug in Slide by slide mode where slide titles were not accurately followed.

  • Fixed a bug in Document upload where the contents were not correctly passed along to the AI model to generate content.

January 2024

Improvements: Languages and special characters

We fixed a number of bugs that were plaguing non-English content, including where generated slides would contain improperly displayed characters or, occasionally, just gibberish.

We also added a language dropdown to make it easier to generate non-English output.

Improvements: Designing slides

We added more default themes that are available to all users, with special gradient backgrounds.

We expanded the list of fonts available in the Theme designer.

We also introduced icon support

November 2023

Enhancement: User feedback

We now ask you for feedback every time you generate a new presentation or slide. This qualitative feedback directly helps us improve Plus AI.

We also updated the UI to help you navigate the Edit with Plus AI options after generating a presentation, especially if you're a new user.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved presentation generation quality and speed, including reducing instances where slides have empty or placeholder content.

  • Improved reliability and quality of images on slides. Fixed a bug where slides were only using placeholder images.

  • Added more detailed and helpful error messaging when Plus AI fails.

  • Fixed a bug where presentations that did not generate successfully still counted against free plan usage limits.

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes users could not be removed from an organization.

  • Updated the Google Slides add-on to prevent you from submitting empty prompt. (It doesn't produce a good result 😅)

  • Fixed a bug where some empty slides were available in the Insert and Slide by Slide layout selector.

October 2023

Feature: Presentation presets

Presets allow you and your team to save frequently used prompts and settings to your team library, to save you time when generating recurring presentations, like client proposals or quarterly business reviews. Learn more.

Feature: Prompt history

We added history to help you generated you’ve generated (since 10/15/2023). You can open the original Google Slides document where the slides were generated, rerun the prompt, or save it as a preset. Learn more.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Updated navigation in the presentation generator window. Custom instructions and presets now live together in the Team Library.

  • Fixed an issue where some prompts would hit the character limit in text to presentation mode prematurely.

  • Fixed a bug where text to presentation mode would sometimes generate slides in English instead of the original language.

  • Fixed a bug in the Google Slides add-on that allowed you to submit an empty prompt (which unsurprisingly wouldn’t lead to a very good presentation.)

  • Fixed a couple of bugs with custom themes that were preventing some users from generating presentations when using a custom theme with a logo.

  • Improved text fitting in Google Slides so there are fewer overflowing text boxes.

  • Added the ability to invite teammates directly within the Google Slides add-on.

September 2023

Feature: Text to presentation mode

Text to presentation mode allows you to paste in a large amount of text, which Plus AI will summarize and repackage into a presentation. Especially useful for converting documents, articles, or other text-based content into slides. Learn more.

Feature: Slide by slide mode

Slide by slide mode lets you build a presentation one slide at a time. Instead of writing one prompt for the entire presentation, you can specify exactly what you want on each slide. If you'd like, you can also choose a specific layout for each slide. Learn more.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Added support for rich text in text to presentation mode.

  • Added more slide designs with images. Tuned Plus AI to use more images when designing presentations.

  • Updated the Plus Unicorn theme. Now it works with Insert and Rewrite and is cloneable.

  • Various bug fixes and improvements to increase reliability of Plus AI.

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