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Slide by slide

Slide by slide mode lets you build a presentation one slide at a time. Instead of writing one prompt for the entire presentation, you can specify exactly what you want on each slide. If you'd like, you can also choose a specific layout for each slide.
Slide by slide mode is useful if you have a very specific content structure in mind and want more control than starting from a prompt will allow, but you're not working off an existing document or article.

How to use Slide by slide mode

Create a new Google Slides presentation and launch the Plus add-on. (Extensions > Plus AI for Google Slides > New Presentation.) Click on Slide by slide.

Set up your presentation

In the left panel, you can add a presentation title and additional instructions on voice and tone.
You can also add and delete slides to change the length of your presentation.

Add content to each slide

Click on each slide to edit it.
Add a slide title and slide content. You can add as much or as little detail as you'd like (up to 5,000 characters per slide.)

Select a layout

If you'd like, you can choose a specific layout for each slide. Or you can just leave it on auto and have Plus AI choose.

Generate slides

When you're happy with all of your slides, click Generate Presentation to proceed.
While Plus is working on your slides, you can choose a presentation theme. Themes allow you to choose the visual look and feel of your slides, including fonts and colors. Pro users can create and save custom themes.
Selecting a theme for a presentation.

Editing your presentation

After your presentation is created, the add-on will close automatically.
At this point, your slides work just like any other Google Slides. You can edit them directly, share them, or export them as a PDF or PowerPoint.
The Edit with Plus AI sidebar will open automatically to help you continue to refine your deck.
After your slides are generated, you can edit them normally or with the Plus AI sidebar

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