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Why do my Snapshots get logged out?

Snapshots getting logged out is normal. Login sessions on sites expire routinely and will prompt you to log back in when that happens.
Log out frequency is determined by the site where you took the Snapshot and can vary. Some services, like banking apps, require you to log in after just a few minutes. These apps do not work well with Plus for that reason.

How can I tell if my Snapshot has been logged out?

If we detect a log out, we will send you an email prompting you to log back in.
Plus will send you an email when we detect that a Snapshot has been logged out
While we get better at detecting log out, sometimes Plus still attempts to refresh Snapshots that have been logged out. When this happens, more recent versions of a Snapshot might look like part of a login screen.
Example of a Snapshot that has been logged out

How do I log back in?

You can log back into a Snapshot from both the Snapshot viewer and from within the Pages editor when a Snapshot is selected.
If we didn't detect that a Snapshot was logged out, you can still initiate log back in from the Repair menu.

Multiple logins for a single website

Plus assumes that you use a single login for each domain so that we can log back into multiple Snapshots at once.
If you need to take Snapshots on multiple accounts on a site (like a personal and a work Google Analytics account, for example), open any Snapshot taken on that site, and select "I use multiple logins" in the logins dropdown. If you choose this option, you will need to log back into each Snapshot taken on that site individually.
Choose "I use multiple logins" if you need to take Snapshots with multiple accounts on the same site