Snapshot repair

When do I need to repair a Snapshot?

Occasionally, your Snapshots may need manual intervention in order to continue refreshing automatically.
The most common scenario is that you've been logged out of the website or app where you took your Snapshot. When that happens, you need to log back in for that Snapshot, just as you would reauthenticate your account on that site.
Your Snapshots may also need repair if something has changed on the page where you captured it. For example, someone reorganized a dashboard and now the chart you took a Snapshot of has moved or changed in dimensions. Or the app has been redesigned and your data has moved as a result.

How can I tell when I need to repair a Snapshot?

Plus will attempt to detect issues and email you when a Snapshot needs repair. If you have Snapshots that need repair, they will also appear in the web app.
Go to "Repair Snapshots" in the web app to all the Snapshots that might need repair.
A Snapshot that seems to be logged out.
When you open a Snapshot that Plus thinks needs repair, you will see instructions to log back in or review the Snapshot.

My Snapshot looks fine, but Plus says it failed

We use an AI to help us detect Snapshot issues. Sometimes the Plus AI will get it wrong and mark a good Snapshot as needing repair. If this happens, just click "This Snapshot isn't broken."

Paused refreshes

When Plus detects an issue with a Snapshot, we will pause automatic refreshes until you repair the Snapshot. When the Snapshot is viewed by others, including in embedded views, they will see the last successful refresh, so your dashboards and reports are not affected.
If Plus has erroneously marked a Snapshot as needs repair, just tell us "This Snapshot isn't broken." This will resume refreshes and help our system improve over time.

How to repair a Snapshot

Only the Snapshot owner can repair it.
Open the Snapshot in Plus. If we've detected an issue, we'll recommend a repair action, like "Log back in" or "Recapture."
If we haven't detected an issue, you can always manually select an option from the Repair menu:
  • Log back in repairs a Snapshot that has been logged out of the source website or app.
  • Recapture repairs data or content that has moved or changed.
When you repair a Snapshot, the Plus extension will open the source site or app in a new window (just like capturing a Snapshot), where you will be prompted to log back in and/or redo the capture process. You cannot repair a Snapshot without the Plus extension.