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Custom themes

Use themes to customize the look and feel of your Plus-generated slides. You can use custom themes when generating a presentation, inserting a slide, or remixing an existing slide.
Saving a custom theme requires a paid Pro plan. Learn more about pricing.
Generating a theme with AI and applying it to a presentation.

Create a custom theme

Launch "Edit with Plus AI" from the Extensions menu.
Launching the Edit with Plus sidebar from the Google Slides extension menu.
Click on the Design tab. Then click Create a new theme (or select it in the dropdown).
Customize the look and feel of your slides, including typefaces and colors. (Feel free to repeat brand colors if you want to use a more constrained color palette).
Upload a logo if you'd like it to appear on every slide.
Only .jpeg, .png, and .gif file types are supported. Use a file converter if you need.
Make sure your logo's background is transparent (or matches the slide background color) and that there is minimal whitespace around the logo itself.
Click Create theme to save your theme.

Use AI to generate your theme

Enter a name or description into the Theme Name field and click Generate with AI.
You can click the button as many times as you want to get new results. You can also edit any of the values the AI chooses for you to tweak the design.

Edit your theme

Edit existing themes at any time in the Design tab, by selecting the theme from the dropdown.
Click Save theme when you're done making edits.

Using themes

You can apply themes to the slides in your existing presentation.
Apply themes to your existing slides
When generating a presentation, your custom theme will appear in the theme picker, after you customize your content outline.
Choosing a theme when generating a new presentation
When inserting or remixing slides, your custom theme will appear in the dropdown above the layout selector.
Currently, the layout thumbnails in the Insert and Remix tabs do not update when you select a custom theme. But don't worry, your custom theme will be applied to your generated slide.

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