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Text to presentation

Text to presentation mode allows you to paste in a large amount of text or upload a document, which Plus AI will summarize and repackage into a presentation.
Text to presentation is great if you already have a document, article, or other text-based content and just need to convert them into slides. It is also useful for creating presentations about current events — like other AI tools, Plus does not have knowledge of the latest news — just copy and paste in a news article you want to adapt into a presentation.

How to use Text to presentation mode

Create a new Google Slides presentation and launch the Plus add-on. (Extensions > Plus AI for Google Slides > New Presentation.) Click on Text to presentation.

Paste in content

Paste in an article, document, or other text. Adding images is not yet supported (remember, you can always add them directly to the slides later).
Using Text to presentation mode to convert this press release into slides

Upload a file

You can also upload a document directly instead of copying and pasting text. If your file type is not supported, use paste in text instead.

Other settings

You can also add some instructions about voice or tone, specify the number of slides you want, and indicate whether or not you want Plus to include additional tips on the slide.

Generate slides

While Plus is working on your slides, you can choose a presentation theme. Themes allow you to choose the visual look and feel of your slides, including fonts and colors. Pro users can create and save custom themes.
Selecting a theme for a presentation.

Editing your presentation

After your presentation is created, the add-on will close automatically.
At this point, your slides work just like any other Google Slides. You can edit them directly, share them, or export them as a PDF or PowerPoint.
The Edit with Plus AI sidebar will open automatically to help you continue to refine your deck.
After the presentation is generated, the add-on will automatically close.

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