Snapshot limits

Snapshot limits

In our free beta, you can take up to 30 Snapshots.
If you need more Snapshots, contact us.

What Snapshots count toward this limit?

All of your Snapshots count toward this limit, including Snapshots in Team folders and Snapshots set to manual refresh.
Snapshots your teammates have taken do not count toward this limit. If you delete a Snapshot, it will not count toward this limit.

How will I know when I'm approaching the limit?

We will warn you when you have only a few Snapshots remaining, so that you can delete Snapshots you're no longer using or reach out to us to get more Snapshots.

What will happen when I reach the limit?

You will no longer be able to take new Snapshots.

Snapshot refresh rates

In our free beta, you can refresh your Snapshots as frequently as every hour.
If you need more frequent refreshes, like every 15 minutes, contact us.