New features, bug fixes, and other improvements

January 2023

Launched: Plus is now in public beta. Anyone can sign up, and Plus will be free to use during our public beta.
Our brand new marketing site
Enhancement: Report a Snapshot issue. We made it easier to let us know when a Snapshot didn't capture correctly. You can now report an issue directly when viewing a Snapshot, which will also send us some details to help us debug the problem.
You can now report an issue with a Snapshot directly from the web app.

Fixes and improvements

  • Created a new "Getting Started" video.
  • Improved Snapshot capture accuracy on various sites.
  • Continued to improve the experience for understanding and taking action when we detect an issue with a Snapshot.
  • Fixed an issue with detecting log outs on
  • Added Smart Capture support for
  • Fixed an issue where new Snapshots that didn't capture correctly couldn't be deleted.
  • Fixed an issue with setting up the Plus app for Slack.
  • Fixed an issue with creating a subscription in Slack for every day of the week.
  • Improved visual appearance of the web app and extension. Buttons now have shadows.

December 2022

Enhancement: Snapshot versions. We updated the UI for navigating between Snapshot versions to make it easier to use, especially in embeds and on mobile.
Fixes and improvements
  • Added more user education about output integrations in the web app.
  • Snapshot error detection and repair: We overhauled the experience to make it easier to understand and take action when we detect an issue with a Snapshot.
  • Fixed a bug when moving Snapshots to the Team space immediately post-capture
  • Fixed a visual bug when searching in the web app
  • Improved Snapshot capture accuracy on specific sites.

November 2022

Feature: Subscriptions in Slack. Set up an automation to push nearly any data or content into Slack on a schedule you choose. Just capture a Plus Snapshot and set up a subscription directly in Slack. Learn more.
Creating a new Plus subscription in Slack
Enhancement: Mobile web app experience. We've made significant improvements to on mobile browsers, so now you can browse, search, view, and share your team's Snapshots on your phone (instead of logging into all the tools where the data comes from).
Using the Plus web app in a mobile browser

Fixes and improvements:

  • Improved Snapshot capture on various sites
  • Fixed an issue with Snapshot repair where scheduled refreshes didn't resume correctly
  • Fixed an issue opening source links in Notion embeds
  • Added ability to automatically join an existing Plus org based on your work email domain, to make it easier to find your colleagues on Plus
  • Improved usability and visual appearance of the web app

October 2022

Feature: Smart capture. A faster and more accurate Snapshotting experience that highlights commonly captured content. Now available on the most popular apps and sites. Let us know what other sites you'd like to add.
Feature: New user experience. You can launch it at any time by clicking on "Getting Started" in the web app.
Fixes and improvements:
  • The web app now automatically updates when new content is created or updated, like when you take or refresh a Snapshot
  • You can now select multiple Snapshots and refresh them at once.
  • Redesigned embeds. You can also click on an embed to go to the Snapshot source URL
  • Improved font accuracy when capturing Snapshots
  • Improved how sites load when capturing Snapshots
  • Fixed a Snapshot capture bug on Google sheets
  • Improved Snapshot repair (e.g., hiding unsuccessful Snapshots in the grid, disabling repair if you don't have the Plus extension installed)

September 2022

    • Significantly expanded Snapshot log out detection on more apps and sites
    • Added Snapshot issue detection for non-log out issues (e.g., the Snapshot didn't load)
    • Added the ability to recapture a Snapshot (e.g., if the chart has moved or the layout of the app has changed)
    • Improved log back in experience
  • Fixes and improvements:
    • Improved extension install experience
    • Improved likelihood that Snapshots capture in the correct timezone and language
    • Fixed an occasional web app loading issue
    • Fixed web app not displaying an active refresh after log back in
    • Fixed visual bugs when browsing Snapshots

August 2022

  • Security: Plus is now SOC2 Type I compliant
  • Feature: Added new experience to navigate easily between Snapshots in the same folder
  • Fixes and improvements:
    • Updated look and feel to reflect our new brand identity
    • Improved Snapshot accuracy when scrolling down on some sites
    • Added a count of Snapshots and Pages in your Personal and Team space to the sidebar
    • Added badges for your teammates at the top of the Teams space
    • Improved navigation when viewing a Snapshot or Page to see or go to its location
    • Snapshots in Google Slides now include a link to open in Plus, so you can identify, view, and edit Snapshots on slides more easily

July 2022

  • Feature: New version of the Plus extension with a redesigned capture experience that leads to more accurate Snapshots.
  • Feature: Redesigned feed in the app. Content is now organized by type to make it easier to find and organize. You can also select multiple Snapshots and Pages at once to perform bulk actions.
  • Feature: Plus app for Slack, which allows you to preview Plus URLs inside of Slack.
  • Fixes and improvements:
    • Snapshot refresh schedules are now significantly more accurate
    • Fixed a bug where Snapshots were not being detected as logged out
    • Fixed a bug where logging back into Snapshots did not restore their original refresh schedule

June 2022

  • Feature: Embed Plus in other apps, including Coda and Canva
  • Fixes and improvements:
    • Made significant improvements to the accuracy of Snapshots captured after scrolling down on certain sites.
    • You can now see all your logged out Snapshots in one view.
    • Fixed an issue where the owner of a Page wasn't displaying properly
    • Fixed a rare issue where sometimes the Plus web app did not detect the chrome extension.
    • Fixed an issue where Page share links were broken.
    • Changed the "Powered by Plus" link in an embed to always open the Snapshot or Page in Plus. (Only users who have access to the content will be able to open it.)
    • Added the "move to" option to the menu on Snapshot and Page detail pages
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