Installing Plus AI

Step 1: Get the Plus AI add-on

Install the Plus add-on:

Step 2: Open Google Slides or Google Docs

Google Slides:

In Google Slides, create a new presentation or open an existing one. Here is a shortcut to create a new presentation:

Google Docs:

In Google Docs, create a new document or open an existing one. Here's a shortcut to create a new document:

Step 3: Launch the Plus AI add-on

In Google Slides or Docs, go to the Extensions menu, click Plus AI.

In Google Slides, Select New presentation to generate new slides from scratch or Edit with Plus AI to insert, remix, or rewrite slides.

In Google Docs, Select Edit with Plus AI to generate or edit content.

Login with the Google account you want to use with Plus.

Don't see any options in the Extensions menu (except "Help"?). This is a common Google Slides bug. Reload the page in your browser or open a new presentation and try again.

Step 4: Select a paid plan to start your free trial

You need a paid plan to use Plus AI. If you're a new customer to Plus, you can start a 7 day free trial. You'll need to add a credit card, but you can cancel at any time during your trial.

Learn more about our plans here, and more about billing here.

Step 5: Generate a new presentation or document

Google Slides

Enter a prompt, paste a document or article, or configure your presentation slide-by-slide.

Learn more about generating a presentation:

pageGenerate a presentation

Google Docs

Enter a prompt to create a new blog post, article, or any other text content. Or go to the Edit tab to rewrite, edit, or translate your existing text content.

Learn more:

pageGenerate a new document

🪄 Get started!

Click here to open a new Google Slides presentation or here to open a Google Doc and get started with Plus AI.

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