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December 1, 2023
Plus AI is experiencing issues with non-English characters. We're actively investigating the problem and hope to have an update soon.
In the meantime, if you try to generate a presentation with non-English characters, you may need to try it multiple times in order to get a good result. In some cases, especially languages with entirely different character sets like Chinese, Korean, Arabic, etc, you may not be able to get a good result at all.
This issue affects all Plus AI tools, including generating new presentations and remix and rewrite.
Plus AI is working as expected when generating presentations in English.
Plus AI supports prompts and outputs in most languages. In general, Plus AI has been trained to follow your lead — if your prompt is written in Spanish, Plus will generate your slides in Spanish.
You can also use rewrite to translate existing slides and presentations into another language.

Generating slides in a specific language

When generating a new presentation or inserting a single slide, you can write your prompts and instructions in any language. Plus AI will detect it and do its best to generate your slides in the same language.

Translate slides into another language

Use rewrite to translate an existing slide into a different language.
Currently, rewrite only works one slide at a time, but let us know if you translate a lot of presentations and would like to see a feature to translate an entire presentation.


Like other generative AI tools, Plus AI can occasionally behave inconsistently. If you get a slide in the wrong language, we recommend just trying it again.
If you consistently have issues with languages or have other questions, let us know.