Rewrite slides

Example of a slide that has been rewritten
Rewrite helps you tweak the text on your existing slides, whether you want to change the entire slide or a specific sentence.
Plus AI can help you improve phrasing, change your tone, lengthen or shorten something, or even translate your slide.
You need a paid plan to use Rewrite.

Rewrite a slide

Launch "Edit with Plus AI" from the Extensions menu.
Select the Rewrite tab, add a prompt or select a (customizable) preset.
Example: Using rewrite to write more persuasive product copy
You can rewrite the entire slide or select a specific text element you want to rewrite.
You can rewrite your slide as many times as you want. Sometimes it's helpful to string together multiple rewrites, for example, embellishing some copy for a product page, then asking Plus AI to help you make it more succinct.
Pro-tip: You can undo + redo these changes in Google Slides. Duplicate your slide before using Rewrite if you want to produce multiple options that you can review.

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